Big Bike Training for Ironman 

The bike is your foundation for Ironman racing.  It’s the longest leg of the race and where 3 major things occur:

  • Recovery from the swim
  • Fueling for the bike
  • Fueling for the upcoming  marathon

You have to have the bike fitness to accommodate all 3 activities; go too hard on the bike and your muscles will suck the blood out of your gut making it impossible to digest any calories.   Run out of fuel and you lose your chance at achieving a favorable finishing time.

So my ‘low-to-medium’ intensity pace has to be between 20.4 mph and 22.4 mph for 112 miles in order for me to break a 5h 30min. bike split.

I’ve got a long way to go.


Brunch prep Day 2 of low carb weight loss

I’m taking a low carb route to weight loss and I’ll be posting my low carb meals. I went ketogenic a year ago and it was great, I felt like I had endless energy. At the time I also lost a good amount of weight but as usual, life got in the way and I fell off my diet.  I’m back on the low-carb wagon so I can be as light as possible on raceday.  My angle for training is to ride and swim as much as I can to get faster and to facilitate weight loss.  Once I’m down to 150 lbs., I’ll start my running phase and I hope that happens by late March early April.  If it works out as planned, I should have at least 4 months to get my run legs ready by race day.

Stay tuned for more.