Rode 82 and ran 4 this Sunday.  Numbers were better with more controlled efforts.

82 miles, 127 bpm average, at 18.7 mph.  Last week’s averages were 17.8 mph at 133 bpm so I think I’m settling into my aero position. suggests that my wattage is up to 125 watts!!

Last Sunday I was at 111 Watts so definite improvement.  We’ll see how it goes next Sunday.



3/21/17 Morning Weight

First meal of the day at 12pm.

Weighed in at 186 lbs. this morning before shower.  I swear I won’t be 186 on my next long bike ride.

Low-carbing it right this time…gotta stay focused!!


I am WEAK!!

I don’t have a power meter so I’m limited to whatever the Web can calculate for me based on my ride stats.  I found this calculator on and according to them, my output is pathetic!!!

I’m putting out 111 watts for my century ride.  Unacceptable!!

Looks like I got my work cut out for me.




I felt my weight on yesterday’s bike ride.  Gotta stop messing up my training with poor nutrition.  Me at 155lbs. does 100 miles in less than 5:38.  Was able to go 80 miles on 1 gel.  Need to keep up the low carb lifestyle.


First Ride on the Javelin Barolo

So I finally got fitted on my Javelin yesterday.  Gala, the fitter at Tri-Zone in Los Alamitos (, asked me what type of position I wanted and I said “AGGRESSIVE.”  It was a Retul fit and the fitting process took 3 hours.  Gala reminded me that my aggressive position may take some getting used to and that I might have some neck strain but I figured I can get adapted to it.

I took her out on her maiden voyage this morning and was pleased to say the least.  I rode 100.8 miles in 5:37:43.  The following link is my ride data:

I averaged 17.8 miles per hour.  I’m excited to know that I have 131 more days to get faster.  One interesting thing is that not only did I ride in aero position for at least 96 miles, I was also wearing my BioLogic pollution mask to exercise my muscles of inspiration and to breathe clean air.

masked rider

One cool thing about this mask is that it’s a deterrent to keep people from talking to you on the bike trail.   A disadvantage is that I can’t drink water from my SpeedFill hydration system without pulling the mask out of the way.

In short, I’m pleased with my progress and attribute a lot of my fitness to the time on the roller and fluid trainer.  What I didn’t mention is that if you go back in the archives, my average speed when riding 10-12 miles was around the high 16 low 17 mph range in the middle of last year.  Now I’m averaging almost 18 mph for 100 miles.

bike on garage.jpg

I’m only gonna get faster.




Bike…. check.

Javelin is ready.  Will have new wheelset on raceday.  Got Retul fitted at Tri-zone in Los Alamitos….  was more involved than I initially imagined.  Maiden voyage tomorrow. 

Will post stats.



Crushing Ironman Santa Rosa: Initial weigh-in 3-4-2017

We all got to start somewhere.  Weighing in at 189; I have to lose 34 pounds of unwanted fat and muscle by raceday.  This will be fun.


Big Bike Training for Ironman 

The bike is your foundation for Ironman racing.  It’s the longest leg of the race and where 3 major things occur:

  • Recovery from the swim
  • Fueling for the bike
  • Fueling for the upcoming  marathon

You have to have the bike fitness to accommodate all 3 activities; go too hard on the bike and your muscles will suck the blood out of your gut making it impossible to digest any calories.   Run out of fuel and you lose your chance at achieving a favorable finishing time.

So my ‘low-to-medium’ intensity pace has to be between 20.4 mph and 22.4 mph for 112 miles in order for me to break a 5h 30min. bike split.

I’ve got a long way to go.